Raychem 222K132 90° Heat Shrink Boot
Raychem 222K132 90° Heat Shrink Boot

Raychem 222K132 90° Heat Shrink Boot

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The 222K Series is a right angle lipped Heat-Shrinkable Boot with fluid-resistant elastomer (RW-2070) construction. It is suitable for long term fluid exposure at elevated temperatures. Ideal for use in conjunction with other System 25 components such as DR-25 tubing and S1125 adhesive, providing a complete cable harness system capability. Use for sealing and strain relief at connector-cable terminations and cable-to-cable transitions. Boot is compatible with all grooved adapters of the appropriate shell size.

Heat-shrinkable, semi-rigid, chemical- and abrasion resistant
Resistance to long-term exposure at elevated temperatures
Operating temperature range -75°C to 150°C
Shrinks on the application of heat above 135°C
Recommended installation temperature 175°C