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Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
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MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit
MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit
MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit
MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit

MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit

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Modern Racing’s championship-winning products and harnesses are proven to last. The Pro Battery Cable Kit utilizes components we use every day when building Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, Bracket, and Factory Stock racecars. We’ve taken our design and now offer it as a DIY kit.

The kits are sold as either the Trunk-Mount Install Kit (MR-0112-004) with 40 ft double-wall 4-gauge battery cable or the Driver Compartment Install Kit (MR-0112-002) with 10 ft of cable. We also offer a 20ft kit designed for Street Car applications (MR-0112-003). The high strand count in the wire means more cooper per foot than standard battery cable, which allows for more amperage carrying capability with less voltage drop. The EPDM cable insulation has a broader temp range than a typical battery cable kit too. It remains more flexible and resistant to abrasion and cuts.

The MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kit includes the needed cable length and terminals for connecting your battery, disconnect switch, grounds, and power feeds/studs. P-clamps hold the battery cable in place, and the included pop-rivets make for a clean appearance and easy installation. The kit also provides quality heat shrink with encapsulant inside, for a weatherproof seal and neat appearance. The color boots, stud, and pass-through help complete the job.

PLEASE NOTE: Before ordering, consider the placement of your battery disconnect. If your disconnect is in the trunk and your battery in the cabin, you may need the truck kit with the added length cable. The Modern Racing Solid-State Disconnect can be mounted anywhere in the car (we recommend it remain close to the battery).

Pro Battery Cable Kit Features

    • 40ft/20ft/10ft of 4-gauge, 2-gauge, or 1-gauge cable

        • The length depends on which kit is purchased

        • Flexible and abrasive resistant

        • 600 V rating (standard cable rated to 60 V)

    • Five 3/8in Terminals (Battery And Connection Posts)

    • Two 1/2in Terminals (Battery Disconnect Switch)

    • One Red Battery Junction-Block Pass-Through Bulkhead 

    • One Black Junction-Block Pass-Through Bulkhead 

    • 20 Pop-Rivets

    • 20 P-Clamps

    • 2:1 Heat Shrink with encapsulant inside 

    • 4 x Red Terminal Boots

    • 3 x Black Terminal Boots

The kit uses only the top tier components that we trust on our in-house builds. Contact us if you have any questions about the kit.