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Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
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MR Deutsch DT Connector Master Kit (Gray)
MR Deutsch DT Connector Master Kit (Gray)

MR Deutsch DT Connector Master Kit (Gray)

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Whether you're looking to build your own harness, want an emergency repair kit for the race trailer, or just want to replenish stock in your shop you can't go wrong with this Deutsch kit. This kit was put together specifically by our MR Wiring Solutions team, to include anything a racer would need when building or repairing a harness in their car. It's compiled of genuine DEUTSCH components in the most common configurations (Key A). We even added in an insertion/extraction tool, glueline, mounts, and rivets to make installation as complete and easy as possible. For those looking for different options, we also offer this kit in Black and in a DTM variety. Each kit comes packaged ready to go in a multi-compartment case which is both stackable and lockable making it easy for racers on the go!

MR Deutsch Connector Kit (Gray) Contents:

-(8x) DT 2P/2S connectors w/ locks

-(6x) DT 3P/3S connectors w/ locks

-(6x) DT 4P/4S connectors w/ locks

-(4x) DT 6P/6S connectors w/ locks

-(3x) DT 8P/8S connectors w/ locks

-(2x) DT 12P/12S connectors w/ locks

-(125x) DT Pins

-(125x) DT Sockets

-(48x) Pre-cut (4:1) 5/16" soft glueline pieces

-(32x) Pre-cut (4:1) 1/2" soft glueline pieces

-(4x) Deutsch connector mounts

-(1x) Deutsch 8P connector mount

-(5x) Black top rivets

-(1x) Deutsch insertion and extraction tool

-(2x) Terminal storage tubes

-(1x) Locking and stackable carrying case