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Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
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FuelTech FT550 EFI System
FuelTech FT550 EFI System

FuelTech FT550 EFI System

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The FT550 is an engine fuel control and monitoring system from FuelTech: electronic fuel injection, integrated dashboard, data acquisition and power management.


The FuelTech FT550 is the best ECU for projects that require more features, including GearController (power-shifts), built-in accelerometer (G-meter) and gyroscope; In addition to all PowerFT ECU line features such as sequential injection and ignition, O2 closed loop, active traction control, integrated BoostController, internal datalogger, progressive and PRO-Nitrous controls, odometers, electronic throttle control, inclinometer, drag racing features and more.

It also features a sturdy and high-quality waterproof plastic case, automotive connectors with 52 pins, USB communication and two CAN Bus ports, 14 inputs and 24 outputs that are fully configurable.

Features the same FT600 dashboard design, including features like engine start button, new inclinometer gauges and virtual LEDs for arrows, headlights and other functions. The screen allows editing the maps directly on the module, without the need for computer use, seamless integration between the ECU and Vehicle dashboard!

The FT550 ECU uses the same FTManager software as the FT600, with all the exact same features and functionalities, including the newest update that allows the user to update their fuel map by applying the O2 closed loop corrections that took place from a log file. The map files of all the PowerFT ECUs are compatible with each other, meaning that you can upgrade ECUs and keep the same tune you had already.


    • Otto cycle engine control for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders

    • Wankel engine control (rotary) for 2, 3 and 4 rotors

    • Full sequential ignition control, semi-sequential and multipoint control

    • Ignition control through trigger wheel or distributor

    • Full sequential ignition or wasted spark

    • Closed loop injection through oxygen sensor (wide band lambda sensor)1

    • AMP SUPERSEAL automotive connectors

    • Electronic throttle body Control (Drive-By-Wire)

    • Ignition timing and actuator based Idle control (electronic throttle body, step motor, or PWM valve)

    • Real-time adjustable maps on the screen and on the FTManager software (including internet remote tuning)

    • Waterproof sealed case made from polished ABS


    • Differential input for RPM signal

    • Differential input for cam sync signal (including multi-teeth cam sync triggers)

    • 14 input channels fully customizable – digital and analog (temperature, pressure, speed and position sensors, TPS, external MAP, buttons, keys, etc.)

        • 2 inputs with a high gain preamplifier usually used with a strain gage sensor

        • Adjustable sensor reading scale

    • Built-in accelerometer and gyroscope

    • Internal MAP sensor of 7 bar (1 bar vacuum and 6 bar positive pressure)

    • 1 USB port for computer and FuelTech software connection

    • 2 CAN ports for FuelTech FTCAN 2.0 or FTCAN 1.0

        • FuelTech equipment: WB-O2 Nano, EGT-8 CAN, FTSPARK and SwitchPanel-8

        • Third party equipment: Racepak IQ3, VNET, AiM, etc)

        • OEM CAN partial compatibility with: C6 Corvette, C7 Corvette, 5th gen Camaro, 2009 CTS-V


    • Total of 24 general-purpose outputs: (all of which can be used for general accessories as fuel pump, thermatic fans, valves or injectors for BoostController, solenoids, etc.)

        • 12 open collector outputs: recommended for high impedance injectors (up to 4 injectors per output) – it is possible to set up to 24 outputs using external FuelTech Peak and Hold driver

        • 8 open collector outputs with a 5V current source: recommended for ignition control

        • 8 PUSH-PULL or HALF BRIDGE outputs: suitable for ignition, step motor control, electronic throttle body and to activate loads by 12V instead of ground


    • Screen dashboard which displays different sizes and styles to be used with any existing equipment or sensor

    • Dashboard can have up to 4 screens with navigation through the screen or an external button

    • 4 Virtual LEDs with combined activations for up to 3 conditions

    • Diagnostic panel with real-time information of all inputs, outputs, CAN, Status Events and engine diagnostics

  • Customizable splash screen allows the user to select the image shown on the FT550 start up screen