Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
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Universal Can ECU interface

Racepak Universal CAN ECU Interface Module

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The new Universal EFI Interface Module from Racepak streams CAN-based data from aftermarket ECU systems to any Racepak data logger or dash display. This gives the ability to view and record all of the data available from the ECU. Compatible ECU systems include the following:
AEM V2/EMS-4/Infinity EMS, Big Stuff 3, Electromotive TECGT, EMS EM-Tech ECU, Emtron ECU, FAST XFI, Fuel Tech (200,250,300,350,500v1,500v2, 600), Haltech, Haltech V2, Holley Dominator, InjPro, Life Racing F88, Link G4 Series, MaxxECU, MEFI-4B, MegaSquirt-III (DIY Autotune), MicroTech, MoTeC CAN (Data set 3), MSD Atomic LS, MSD Atomic TBI, OBD-II (2008 and later), Pro EFI, User Configured (CAN bus knowledge required)

The Universal EFI Interface module connects to these ECU systems using EFI adapter cables.