Modern Racing IGN1A Coil Mounts - Firewall

Modern Racing IGN1A Coil Mounts - Firewall

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Modern Racing IGN1A Coil Mounts offer a premium option for mounting your IGN1A Smart Coils in various configurations. Our billet design works with all common two-bolt IGN1A Coils. Thanks to their improved spark, ignition control, and aftermarket-ECU capability, IGN1A Smart Coils are an increasingly popular choice.

CNC machined from billet-6061 Aluminum, the bracket and machined spacers are anodized black for a clean-appearance and robust coating. Kits include all necessary hardware.

Mounts are sold individually as either a 4-coil mount or 2-coil mount. The Modern Racing Firewall mounts are a simple design that requires only two 1/4 holes and a flat surface to mount up to 4 coils at once. Have limited space? Use our 2-coil firewall mounts, 4-coil roll-bar mounts, or a combination of both.

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