Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
Worry About Winning... Not Wiring!
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Holley Stand Alone Digital Dash Kit
Holley Stand Alone Digital Dash Kit

Holley Stand Alone Digital Dash Kit

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Have you been looking for a dash solution for your vehicle, but just cannot find anything you like or that is cost effective? No need to look any further as Holley has created a full color touch screen dash that includes sensors for monitoring basic engine parameters as well as a GPS speedometer all in a cost effective package!

Holley's stand-alone digital dash has great features such as; a weather resistant aluminum housing for durability, multiple gauge and indicator type selections, customizable screen and gauge layouts and a virtual switch panel just to name a few. With the integrated 3 axis accelerometer and data-logging, the dash is ideal for anything from a JR dragster to Sportsman racing. It is also equally at home in a daily driver, or a show winning roadster.

Compact, customizable dash for use in a variety of applications
7” low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full color touch screen for easy viewing even in full sun
800x480 resolution with auto brightness and dimming
Operating voltage min 8V - 20V
Includes USB GPS for Speedometer display with a magnetic base for a quick and clean install
Weather resistant aluminum housing with flexible mounting options
Completely customizable layouts, with multiple default configurations to get you running in no time!
Multiple gauge & indicator types with limitless customization options
Quickly toggle between multiple active screens (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.)
Virtual Switch Panel (replaces the need for physical switches) *2 switched ground outputs to be added to trigger an external relay*
Retains the same gauge customization flexibility as the EFI dash, but now allows use with any vehicle
Powerful data log software provides in-depth analysis (10 samples/sec) of all inputs and outputs, including the integrated 3 axis accelerometer and USB GPS-no need for separate data logging boxes
Built in Data logging playback allows you to view your last run on the fly
A variety of additional sensors are available for use with the dash, including fuel pressure, nitrous pressure, boost, with more to come!
Pair with a Holley EFI LED Light Bar (PN 553-107) for a truly customizable solution!
User definable warnings for any input
Configurable progressive shift lights and light bar
Expandable internal storage on micro SD card
Free Software and Firmware upgrades, providing a future proof display solution
Included parts: Standalone digital dash kit with I/O adapter, USB memory stick, terminated vehicle harness, oil pressure sensor, CTS sensor, MAT sensor, USB GPS