Feather-Lite Dual Battery Tray Kit
Modern Racing

Feather-Lite Dual Battery Tray Kit

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Looking for a battery mount to compliment your new Feather-Lite purchase? Unlike other companies that build kits that are universal and built to fit various sizes, this kit is a group size specific kit, ensuring a proper fit for both FL-2424 and FL-1650 batteries. This is the perfect solution for your roots blown 24V/16V combo! Offered in a raw finish, this battery mount kit is ready for you to finish your project how you see fit:

-Weld it? Definitely!

-Bolt it down? Sure.

-Paint it? Why not.

-Powder coat it? Now we're talking! 

All kits come complete with a Black anodized laser engraved Modern Racing battery hold-down, to let everyone know you're backed by a brand that offers results. Available with our awesome solid-state battery disconnect, this mount takes all the guess work out of your battery install. Worry about winning, not wiring!


Make sure to finish off your install with a Pro Battery Cable Kit and our NHRA Master SSBD Disconnect Kit for an even easier and more complete install!


*Please use proper precautions when wiring and ensure proper insulation, grounding, etc. before connecting batteries. Never overtighten batteries or wire connections. Reach out to our Wiring Solutions Team with any questions you may have about your wiring job.*