Solid-State Battery Disconnect - Only
Solid-State Battery Disconnect - Only
Solid-State Battery Disconnect - Only

Solid-State Battery Disconnect - Only

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*Modern Racing solid-state units are currently on backorder. Units are allocated at time or purchase, so be sure to put in your order to reserve your spot in line. Please expect a 20-30 business day turnaround from order to packaging. Please contact the shop for further details.*

Modern Racing's Solid-State Battery Disconnect adds layers of safety with it's simple, reliable, and tough construction. Designed to work in the harsh environment of motorsports, it provides a battery disconnect with no moving parts and multiple ways to trigger.


Drop the old mechanical-switch, cheap battery disconnect for solid-state technology. The Modern Racing's Solid-State Battery Disconnect is designed specifically for motorsports applications. This weatherproof 6061-billet case is designed to withstand harsh environments at only one-third the weight of a traditional switch.

Unlike the traditional mechanical switch, our system can be triggered in multiple ways, such as a driver’s switch, exterior/track crew switch, and any ground input like a fire-suppression sensor (switches included in the master kit). This ads three layers of safety, all without complicated, unreliable wiring or the need for a long metal push rod in the car. Accepted for competitive use in the NHRA Pro Stock and E3 Spark Plugs Pro Mod series.

    • Weighs 0.5 lbs

    • 300A* rating (1200A surge)

    • Safe for 5V—30V

    • Measurements: 3 7/8in by 2 7/8in, and 1.112in thick

    • Accepted for use in the NHRA Pro-Stock and Pro-Mod classes

The nearly-indestructible design has gone through g-force and vibration testing to ensure it will withstand the harsh environments of motorsports. It’s lightweight too, at only 0.5 lb, it’s one-third the weight of a traditional mechanical switch. Finally, an LED indicator light built into the body, allows you to monitor the system and aids in troubleshooting.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the solid-state battery disconnect only! If you wish to purchase the complete master kit, see the link here.

Installed photo shown features boots included in the Pro Battery Cable Kit, not included in this kit.