EFI Technology R8 ECU
EFI Technology R8 ECU
EFI Technology R8 ECU

EFI Technology R8 ECU

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The R8 ECU is a fully sequential 8 cylinder engine control system designed for high performance Drag Race applications. The enclosure is extruded 6061 aluminium that is environmentally sealed and features an Autosport 79 pin main connector.
Unique to the R8 ECU is the fully programmable 8 stage Nitrous Control software. Eight (8) high resolution timers control the fuel added, spark retard and nitrous for each stage.
Main communications is via wireless Bluetooth interface or a high speed USB port. External data loggers or dash displays can be interfaced via a current loop or CAN bus output.

The R8 ECU has the following features:
8 Injector drivers
8 Ignition outputs
8 Nitrous stages
Transmission (6 outputs)
Converter Lockup (2 stage)
Auto Purge Function
Water Injection
Chute Release
20 Analog inputs (0-5v)
4 Digital inputs
2 Switch inputs
Dual lambda (0-5v)
2 Auxilliary outputs
CAN bus interface

The R8 is a fully sequential 8 cylinder system that supports 3D Fuel, Spark and Phase maps with 40 rpm sites and 20 load sites all user programmable.

Nitrous Control
The R8 ECU has 8 Stage Nitrous Control with fully programmable fuel, spark and nitrous settings for each stage. The ECU has dedicated Transbrake and Master arm inputs to activate the system.

Transmission Control
The R8 has 6 dedicated outputs for transmission control and can fully replicate all the standard ACD box functions. Shift points can be set by rpm or time. Converter lockup outputs are also available with adjustable rpm limits.

Auto Purge
The R8 has a unique "Auto Purge" function for the Nitrous bottle pressure. A momentary ECU switch input activates the function that brings the bottle pressure down to the programmed value.

Chute Release
The R8 also has an automatic chute release function that deploys the chute at the programmed time after launch. A safety over-ride input is also available.

In addition the R8 ECU hosts a full line of strategies for racing applications including: Launch Control, Idle Control, Closed loop lambda, Boost Control, Vanos Control, Paddle Shift, Engine Protection, Self Diagnostics and much more.

Enclosure: Extruded 6061 Aluminum
Construction: CMOS surface mount design
Environmental: Environmentally sealed
Connector: Autosport 79 pin
Dimensions: 5.0" x 4.5" x 1.6"
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Power Supply: 8 to 18 volts transient protected
Power Consumption: 8 watts @ 14 volts
Operating Temp: -40 to +85 deg C continuous
EMI Protection: Exceeds 100V/m >1GHz